Refurbished Form2 optical test results

Hi all,

I just received a refurbished form 2 (from formlabs), and immediately ran the optical test print.

The 4 columns each performed identically. The only number that printed is the 2. The 1 is truncated by the build plate. Numbers 3/4/5 are not present at all.

I’m not exactly sure how this print is supposed to look, but it seems like my results weren’t great. I’m posting pics here for feedback.

If anyone has input, it would be much appreciated. Ie - are there steps that I should take on my end to improve quality, should I open a support ticket, or does this look good?


How did this go? what if anything did you do to resolve this?

Hello RCD LA,

we performed an optic test after we cleaned the mirrors in consultation with the formlabssupport.
You can find the results in here Wavy surfaces and clogged bores / part 2.

Better don’t ask us about our experience with the refurbished Form2s we had :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hey Benjamin,

We were not able to resolve this problem, and have been using the printer as-is. Despite the bad optical test, the printer seems to work well on real parts.

Wow, those results are amazing. I had no idea that the optical test could even look like that. Formlabs didn’t provide any info about how to define a successful optical test.