Refurbished form2 - marks on optical mirror

Having just received the option of a refurbished Form 2 from FormLabs and sending my original Form 2 back - due to poor prints, I would expect my prints to work straight out of the box.
However after several print runs, all with visible lines, I noticed the optical mirror has 2 marks on it.
If I were to clean the mirror myself, will this void my 6 month warranty? Alternatively, seeing as I’ve experienced issues I would expect a refurbished printer to be in good working order - so is a replacement an option?
I have several business orders stacking up!

Many thanks


Open a ticket, good chance you could simply blast some air on that and get the dust off, Worse case you need some pec pads.

Ticket now raised. I think they are closed for Christmas unless, support is open Monday.

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