Having some trouble in the customer service

Hello. We purchased the FORM 2 in 2016. It worked well for a long time. However, recently, since the quality of printing is somehow reduced, we tried to clean the mirror in the machine, leaving a little bit of position deviation to the mirror.

We tried to contact the local dealer but it is closed some time ago. We then turned to the major agent in China but the price they gave is too high for us to afford. They said that since we did not purchase from them, they need to send this machine back to the U.S. to repair, costing around $2000 USD, freight not included. We felt very upset about this pricing scheme.

Can anyone provide some help for us? We would appreciate any help, thanks.

You typically shouldn’t need to clean any of the mirrors on a Form2 since it is sealed to keep dust out. Unless the machine has dust inside it should not be taken apart. If the glass is dirty it is usually on the outside.
Clarity of the tank will degrade as you print and should be replaced. Tanks are a consumable.

Why don’t you just write to Formlabs directly? They are quite quick to respond to support tickets…

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I didn’t get a reply from Formlabs,
it seems that I can’t log in to the support tickets account.
I have fixed my printer.
thank you for your reply.

FORM2 is not completely sealed.
My printer has been in use for more than two years.
There is dust inside.
Printing is very good after cleaning
I have adjusted the data.
Can print normally
thank you for your reply

Would you mind sharing what you did ? That would be great to have some self-repair information on the forums :wink:

I am adjusting the mirror by hand.
This is a rather long process

Glad your able to fix the machine. I had to adjust my galvos once and I printed a target on a piece of index paper. Placed it where the tank goes so I knew where center was. Then I printed a long thin cylinder model which would make the laser flash in the middle. I adjusted the galvos as it was printing to center the spot.

Get yourself a dust cover for the printer. Zvat industries sells some nice ones.

The main feeling of the blurring of the printing effect is the trace left after the laser mapping on the galvanometer has been long.
I found that a gray point on the galvanometer was particularly large before cleaning.
Printing is very good after cleaning

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