What Now - Form 2 Optical Test the Cleaned - Please Help

Can someone that knows their way around the Form 2 please let me know what I should do now? I cleaned all optical and galvo mirrors twice. This allowed the optical test pillars to now show numbers which it did not before. But my prints are still ragging and the layers are very visible at medium res. Any clues what to go at now? This machine has approximately 80 hours. Thank you

Still looks like the laser is underpowered. Can you explain what you cleaned the mirrors with?

There is a possibility that the mirrors still have some residue on them. You might have to contact tech support and upload your diagnostic file so formlabs can see what your laser power is at after cleaning.

You cleaned once, tried it and still had a problem, and then cleaned again and tried it and still had a problem, or you actually cleaned the mirrors 2x before trying it for the first time?

Hi @innovtr,

Apologies for the late reply, but if you haven’t already opened a ticket with our Support Team, they should be able to help you work towards a solution.

I fixed this by cleaning the servos again myself. No need for any support or taking it in.