Likely cause of bad/rough slices with Tough 2000?

I’m currently printing a large batch of parts using Tough 2000 resin on two different printers, one Form 2 and one Form 3. I’ve had clean results with other prints on the Form 2 using Gray Pro and standard black/color resins, but using Tough 2000 on this batch is proving to be problematic. The resin and tank (LT) are all brand new, and the same resin works great on the Form 3 (also using a new tank).

The picture below shows a comparison of the outcomes, with the Form 2 part on the left and the Form 3 part on the right. The one on the left has clearly visible layering with imperfect alignment. It also has some artifacts that connect support structure to the part wall where it shouldn’t be (it’s why the support is still attached in the example). Is this likely to be caused by dirty optics or something of that nature? Or is the Form 3 just that much better with Tough 2000 resin?

Yes it is probably the cause. I had exactly the same problem months ago, as the same type of parts shown. After cleaning the optics, everything was fine. Back on track! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Bill. I also just stumbled across this post with some useful photos for reference: Pictures of Prints with Dirty vs. Clean Optics (Form 2)

I’ll try to get things cleaned up and see how it goes.