Form2 Rough Edges on Print is the Normal?

Good day, my Form 2 is pretty much new and I have a brand new tank in and new bottle of V2 white resin. In my last few prints I noticed a bumpy surface “please see images”. I’m using “fastest print” but I always use that setting and have not noticed these rough edges. Is this normal.

Resin mixed enough?

Should I be shaking resin bottles before I open them?

I have a form1 and always mix my resin prior to use. You should be able to use the supplied scraper and mix the resin that is in the tank. Not sure If they say to shake the bottle too.

Before each print-especially if you wait a day or more between prints then you need to shake the cartridge and stir the resin in the tray with the scraper.

Are you printing successfully without these artifacts in other materials? That should help to troubleshoot whether this is an issue localized to the tank / material or the printer itself.

I have not tried any other material because I have already used two trays for white trying to solve this issue. I thought it was because the tank was old but this is a resin issue.

You might make sure that the resin is stirred a bit prior to printing. White V2 does settle a bit when left for a while and it’s possible that this is contributing to the artifacts you’re seeing. Can you open a ticket with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot further?

Yes I have a ticket open with support. I think we have a bad batch of resin, no amount of stirring seems to fix this and I’m wasting resin and tanks trying to fix something that support or the resin chemists should know about. Reaching a state of frustration as our project has been haulted and we just purchased $1500 on resin and spare tanks.

Okay I followed all the instructions. I filtered the resin, made sure the tank itself was completely clean and it is, the glass underneath the tank has no spots dust etc. and I still get a failed print in the same spot toward the end and the bumpy surface. Any clues. This machine has about 12

- 15 prints on it total and is basically new.

I would say maybe it’s a bad batch of resin, there shouldn’t be problems like that.

The supports have some ragging. Very odd. Is it possible that you have dust on the mirrors? I know you shouldn’t as you are using a Form 2 but the crummy surface finish has to be coming from somewhere.

Is the top surface just as crummy?

Do you still have the original tray? To narrow it down to resin or something else, it may be worth opening a different bottle of resin and print something. Even just a portion of the part to see what the supports look like as well as the first sections of the part. If they look good, you could always let the part finish.

Crummy indeed lol. I’m going to try to isolate this further, we have an entire team on hold due to this issue.

Is your printer located outdoors? That last pic makes it looks like you are outside…or up against a large window. Maybe UV light is occasionally getting in each time you open/close the lid and slowly mucking up the resin? Just a thought. Either that or like Zack says, a bad batch of resin perhaps.

Good day, I’m sure never to leave the housing open and the printer is inside. Yes there are some windows but the unit is designed to block out UV light.

I think I have found the culprit however, a bad batch of resin. I just printed this with clear resin and it came out perfectly. Hope Formlabs is able to reimburse me a tank and a bottle of resin as we have lost so much time dealing with issue.


Okay I was feeling lucky and ready to spend a bit “$100+ a tank style” so I got a new bottle of white resin V2 and a brand new tank and attempted to make a print and what I got was in these images. Any takers on what exactly is happening here?

I use the gray and my prints look like that with the bubbles and leftover resin dripping down on the prints, but that all washes off in the alcohol, but looking at the raft on the work surface, even that looks soft with rounded edges. Have you tried doing something at the medium resolution to see if it is any better?

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