"Tapioca" Resin

I just opened an new bottle of White V2
The form program doesn’t have an option for the version of white I am using, but that might not be a problem.

What I have noticed is that after I printed the part was very “lumpy and bumpy” instead of smooth like other things I printed from the previous bottle.

I don’t know if I got a bad bottle of resin or my new printer is starting to crap out.

PS - I sprayed the white resin with Mr Surfacer 1200 to allow it to photo better.

Here is what it looked like raw with a previous good print behind it:

Did you shake the bottle before using?

Yes, as always
Reading more about it, I am starting to think it is a symptom of the laser flare issue others are having as some of their prints have the same texture issues I am seeing.

I tried a print with gray v1 after reading them, and got the same results so i don’t really think it’s the resin now.

I will try a new bottle of clear I have to see if it works, as others have had success even with the laser issues.

When will get machines that work for more than 100 prints or so? This is my third printer in two years. Losing faith and patience.

I am also seeing peeling layers on the support when i remove it from the build platform, and I have noticed random areas of what looks to be cured/exposed resin nowhere near where the item was built.

I also just remembered that I had done a firmware update that morning. I keep that computer offline and it was time to do a windows update. Is the laser flare issue connected to the latest firmware?

Not really.

Really weird that my issue started on the first print after the firmware update