Multiple White Resin Failures


I am currently 0 for 4 with the white resin. I have tried simple models, complex ones, .05mm and .025mm settings. I have no image to show because there is nothing to show apart from some semi-solidified gloop on the bottom of the tank - no adherence to the plate at all. Any thoughts?

I’ve been very disappointed with the white resin, personally. I’ve had great results with grey and clear, but I’m in the same boat. White just never seems to finish without problems. I know part of the problems I had were caused by faulty laser optics or something like that, but I’ve used half my bottle of white and have very little successful prints to show for it. Lots of failed supports, lots of parts pulling away from solid areas and snowballing into huge errors. Details hold up well enough, but the success rate is incredibly bad. The failures also fogged my new tank very rapidly, faster than any other Formlabs resin I’ve used thus far.

What batch is yours from? Mine’s from lot 20140115-01.