Problems with Grey Resin V4


I’m still using a Form 1+, recently I bought new resin grey v4 (my last bottle was grey v2). I used a new tank for the new resin, first print came out perfect and after that a bunch of fails. same model, same orientation and everything, I checked the mirrors, they were clean, the tank is new. After about 5 bad prints I was able to print 4 ou 5 parts fine, and now its failing again. I have no idea what to do. When it fails I try new orientation of the model, but the results seem random.
Anyone else with the same problem?
I notice that this resin makes a lot more bubbles than the previous one (grey v2). Is it normal?

You are not the first person to complain about V4 on this forum. In my opinion it is an inferior product compared with V3 (never tried V2). I have switched to a 3rd party resin for grey. If you use the forum search feature and type in “grey V4” you will find many threads like this:

Yes, I read some of the complaints like mine.
What 3rd party resin do you recommend?

I’ve bought 1 litre of Digital Forge last resin last year and it’s not as good as V3 but a lot better than V4. But it has a stronger odour than the formlabs resins. A couple of months ago Digital Forge announced they have a new improved formulation for their grey which I’ll probably try soon as my current supply is almost gone. I should add, if you are printing large parts at the lower resolutions V4 can work, in my case everything I’m doing is very small and highly detailed so I need the highest resolution.

I haven’t tried it, but a lot of people on this forum have gone over to dental model resin instead of standard grey.

I’ve been using an old Maker Juice bottle and guess what it has a much better success rate.
Form Labs support advise me to filter the resin with a 190 micron paint filter. It actually works but I need to coil it every 2 prints.

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