Grey V4 versus V3?

I just switched from V3 to V4, I seem to be seeing more failures. is it just a run of bad luck on the first few prints or does V4 require more support than V3?

No issues with failures here, although I have noticed an increased foaminess which needs some serious agitation during the wash process to remove from fine detailed areas.

Hello there @eaelec!

Would you mind tossing a few photos into this thread so folks can see what you mean? Generally I’d recommend speaking to our support team at the link below for print quality issues, but I’d be happy to take a look here if you’d like.

Here is a picture, version 4 on the right. Both parts used the identical support structure. It seems the supports which worked OK for V3 are no longer adequate.


While V3 and V4 are mixable,they are still a bit different so I guess it’s to be expected that things may not work the same way. That being said I understand your frustration, a third of the prints I make are “standard parts” for our internal needs and I take the time to fine-tune the parts and the prints, only to face a failure when changing tanks or resin version.

From your V3 print though, it looks like the part was already affected by the issues and V4 only aggravated it. It seems to me you tried to push the printer to its limits in terms of supports density and the limit isn’t the same with V4.

If I were a cynical type of person I might think that Formlabs replaced V3 with an inferior product in order to boost sales of the more expensive grey pro. Good thing I’m not cynical.

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anytime there is a change in resin formula- I update the software and regenerate the supports on auto setting for existing models.

it only takes a few minutes.

I’m not the one to say that marketing ploys don’t exist but frankly, after toying a bit with Grey Pro recently I can tell you the two resins have only in common their name and color. I really don’t think Grey Pro is a replacement for Grey Std in most applications where Grey Std made sense… Now for the applications where it didn’t, surely Grey Pro is better.

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Auto support generation will not work on anything I do, models are just far too small.

its still worth doing… just to see how the autosupports plan out.
You can always edit them afterwards

Here are some more recent prints using grey V4. Note the areas circled in red. I couldn’t find any name for this type of problem in the FAQs so I have named it “horseshoeing”. The wall section in question is .63 mm thick which is above the .6 mm threshold for an unsupported wall (unless the specs have changed since I downloaded them last year). I expect a slight rounding at the bottom of the cab and cargo bed, so I make them slightly long and sand them flat, but these “horeshoes” are too deep.

Also these models were aligned at a 45 degree angle to the wiper arm, I noticed the “horseshoeing” is much worse on the side nearest the wiper.

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