Grey V3 failed prints

We have been using grey V3 for a few months now. Generally we get a fail on every build. We have started printing multiple parts in the hope of getting one decent part. I feel the material is not robust enough for general use. We will not be buying any more until this material is looked at.

PS we have tried new tank, cleaned optics, re-adjust levels, sacrifices to the sun god but still very unreliable material.

Hi Alexander, have you tried to increase the thickness of the support tip?

Same issue here, only having it with other resins too, my problems only started after latest firmware update. Thickness of supports is maxed out but that’s irrelevant as it doesn’t even print a decent base.

Can you upload the .form file for one of the prints you’re noticing failures from? We’ve closely been tracking customer success using Grey V3 to make sure it’s working with the success rate our users should expect and haven’t seen any increase in the instances of print failures. The .form file will help us to diagnose whether something in the files is contributing to the failures or if it’s possible that a hardware issue is the cause.

I also have had multiple failures with Grey V3. Usually breaking off from supports. I had decreased support tip size to aid in finishing of support marks. Increasing support tip size helped. I also encountered warping of corners, fixed that by manually adding extra supports to the corners. Yeah, not thrilled with V3.

I also have problems with grey v3…when i print the same parts with clear v2 i have no failures.
Also the the wallthikness and stability from small parts is by clear v2 much better.
Black v3 is a little bit better as the grey v3.
In future i do not buy colored standard resin!!! i hope formlabs never change the clear v2!!!

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