Failed Prints - Grey Resin v3


We’re getting more and more failed prints using the grey resin v3. We 've very rarely had grey resin prints fail, but since v3 we’ve noticed that prints will get seperated from the supports and end up in the tray, which in turn leads to the platform pushing onto the tray and creating cracks in it.

Anyone else have similar issues or know of a solution?

On a seperate notes we’ve also noted that the chip on the side of the tray that registers the tray makes a bit of a dodgy contact. That’s probably completely unrelated, but who knows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Hey Oddcell,
Tank registration is almost certainly unrelated - calling in @Frew on this one because I’m sure there’s a ‘tips and tricks’ document for making sure it registers well.

As for the parts coming off supports, you might try increasing your support density (maybe try increasing to 1.25) and/or increasing touch tip size to 0.7 or 0.75 from the default of 0.6mm. Be sure to check that local minima are supported. I can’t be sure from just the picture you uploaded, but it looks like your supports under the failed parts are fairly sparse. If you upload a .form I can take a look.


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