Issues with grey resin V3

Hi, all
I use Formlab2 and grey resin V3 to print such a part. But the surface is very rough; and the size of the hole has large error, the small hole is blocked by some resin. Does anyone have any tips? I ever used Black resin V2 and it works well.
Does anyone have similar issues? I am not sure if it is the problem of the printer or the resin.

Were you able to regenerate the support points when switching from Black v2 to Grey v3? That can be important when using different material versions as the support generation algorithms differ. Uploading your .form file or pictures of your orientation would be a big help in troublshooting this.

Here is a new print and it has just been cured. You can see that the surface is very rough and the small hole is totally blocked by resin. We also ever used the black resin V3 and it has the same problem, hence we change to use grey resin V3. Now the same problem happens. Thanks for your help.

You’re saying that bottom picture is post-curing? It looks like you skipped the IPA bath honestly. What is your curing process?

It’s possible that from your recent “failed” prints there is some semi-cured material floating around in the tank. I had something similar some time ago. I filtered all the resin and had to make sure that the whole surface of the tank inside was completely clean again. To go safe I also cleaned the window of my Form 2. After this procedure the prints were perfectly cured and came out within the usual tolerances.

I haved used IPA. I took the picture right after the IPA.

Is it possible that the tank has rogue pieces from a failed print in it as @MerlinDepta. It looks like there are artifacts in the support structures as well as in the print itself. We have a guide on filtering resin that you might try out.

The resin and the tank are very new. We just started to use them. Even at the first time we used the tank and the resin, the problem still exsits. We tried different resin and the problem always exists. Is it possible that something is wrong with the printer? What may be the problem? Thanks.

No matter how new the printer or material was/is: Even in your very first print little pieces of your print can get loose and float around randomly in the tank for the second print. If you are asking for help, you should try to eliiminate the aspects someone with experience tells you to.
We can talk a lot about things that CAN be wrong but please start with the easy things first.

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