Help on a failed print

Hi all, I need some help on my Form 2. It works fine in the past 3 years. Yesterday the print failed with a very strange problem. The resin I used was the black one, both resin and tank are new.

There is a very thin layer of cured resin on the top the tank, here is the image

And on the print’s serface, there are some small residues like resin. here is the image

I the same file been printed with no problem, it only started from yesterday. Does anyone know the reason of this problem? Thanks

You obviously aren’t a new user, so let’s rule out the simple first, You said both the resin/tank are new.

DId you shake the resin really good before using it? ( stir the resin in the tray, say after an overnight sitting in the tray)

A similiar problem I saw lurking on the boards someone pointed out, that there may be sunlight bleeding in thru the case. Is the form in a window-lit room?

Hi Sharpknife,

Thanks for the reply. I removed black resin, tried with tough resin to print a small unit. In the between of change tanks, I also wiped the window with IPA.

Here is the result.

The part is supposed to start from 4 supported corners, and only 3 of them are build on the platform. It looks like the machine works on 3 corners for couple of hours and then totally failed.

I check the resin, it is not like the black one, but still load of small “flakes” like piece there.

I picked one of the biggest, it looks like this.

Do you or anyone here know what caused this issue? The machine is about 4 years old and printed loads of part, never had any problem.