I've just experienced a bad situation with form 2

Hi all, I’m a newbie here, I’ve bought form 2 about 3 weeks ago, and yesterday I’ve done a very very big mistake. After a failed print, I’ve check the resin tank as usual, and clean the wiper with IPA (the wiper that has the part that can rotate, so when I clean it, I accidently rotate it up side down), then I install it to the machine and start to print, anf I go to work, leave the machine alone. after work I turn back home and got my beautiful print successfully, but the resin is overflowed out the tank to the black plate below (even the print is success and the machine didn’t have any kind of failure sign). The resin flew up to the orange cover glass, and maybe because that it break the glass, leave there some paintful scratch. I’ve clean all the resin there, and retry to print to make sure the printer is ok, and it’s still print good, but the glass is so ugly now. That’s all of my story, I hope you guys dont make a big mistake like me. By the way, did anyone have the same situation as mine, please let me know by time the printer is alright? did that flewed out resin will ruin the machine? and one more thing, I want to know that formlabs could sell the orange glass seperately? I want to change mine, and how does it cost? Thank you. sorry for my bad English… merry christmas and happy new year everyone!

here is the image : https://i.imgur.com/BLQbGd1h.jpg


Don’t know about the resin spillage effects on the machine, since it can be more or less serious depending on the amount of resin and where it goes. Usually, the worst about resin spill is the hard cleaning work. What I know, though, is that no IPA should get in contact with tanks or the machine cover, since it makes them crack.
About the cover, I think that you can buy it separately. Get in contact with support.


thanks for the reply, I’ll contact to formlabs to get the new cover glass, mine look so painful. Today I have another success print . I just hope the machine will be ok

Glad to hear that your printer is still working normally, and resin spills sometimes can be a bit tricky to clean up. The resin will weaken the cover and it’s likely that the spill on the cover led to the crack. Our support team does have spare covers and a member of our team will be reaching out over email to help out with this.

Thanks Frew, I’ve chat with support team and I’m okay with my cover for now, but when the resin spilled, I have another big mistake: unscrew the tank tray (or carrier tank which have 4 screws) to clean the resin in there whithout knowlege that I must not unscrew that. And I put it back in, test print and the print is good, I’m not sure that it’s less accuracy than before or not, but how do you think about that? Do I need to return the machine to formlabs to recalibrate? (in that case, the shipping cost in my country is too much, and I really affraid to do that). Could you give me some advises? Thank you