A lot of resin spills, any one know what should I do?

Hi, I know that there is a lot of topics about resin spills in here already but I am new to this SLA printing techniques so I do not really know if my situation is the same or not? Basically I was printing a file and the next morning when it finished, I realised that there was a lot of resin spills into the black case that surround the mirror (the black case between the mirror and the outer case of the Form 2 and the resins also spills down to the table on the screen side. I have use paper towels to clean most of the resin up with IPA liquid as well. but it seems that there are still some residual of the resin left behind the black case. I noticed that there is this little thing that like a drain system on the left bottom conner of the case where I found lots of resin fell into that as well. Now that I have clean up, what is my next step before I continue to print?

The optics of the printer are sealed so the resin shouldn’t be able to get anywhere that’d cause a major problem. But I’ve done a couple of dozen prints on my Form2, using both Open Mode with manually-added resin, and with a resin cartridge, and the printer has yet to spill even a drop.

Your printer should not have spilled resin. Did you fill the tank manually, or use a resin cartridge? If you were using a resin cartridge and the printer overfilled the tank, you need to get that problem fixed or you will continue to get “splash over” and the buildup of spilled resin will eventually become a problem, I’m sure…

Open a support ticket and let FormLabs advise you on next steps.

The only time any resin got out from the tray was when a print came off the build platform and so some resin splashed on the edge of the tray from the wiper hitting the failed print. Otherwise, resin shouldn’t ever spill out.

I’ve had that experience too, but I use 3rd party resins so the sensor can’t work out how much resin is in the tray. That spill zone is only a small cavity so make sure you clean it out fully. There is also a spill zone at the back of the printer where the resin feed is so check that too.

I don’t have spills like that but I often have resin droplets inside the cover after printing small or flat objects without support. My explanation is that when the platform rises and resin is dripping down, static electricity draws small droplets towards the cover. This only happens when printing directly on the platform, never when printing on supports. That’s because with support the platform rises slowly and gradually and there’s very little extra resin on the platform when it raises after the print.

I noticed the build plate clipping the wiper with one of the third party resins and I have seen it happen with fl resin as well. When it happens the wiper flicks resin around the case.

How does the wiper clip the build plate? If you’re using a 3rd party resin, you must be running the printer in Open Mode, and in Open Mode the wiper doesn’t wipe. Other than maybe a short move before the print starts, in Open Mode the wiper stays on the right side of the tank.

If you’re spoofing the Cartridge system so that the printer will run with a 3rd party resin in Open Mode, well, I suppose that’s one of the reasons FormLabs doesn’t let the wiper move with 3rd party resins. Looking at how the wiper works, I can imagine that if the resin is too viscous the wiper will tend to be pushed upward as it swipes.

That doesnot sounds good at all. Im using the formlab black resins (version 2). I do notice that the print fall off the build platform into the tank but still that wouldnt cause that much resin to spill.

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