Spectacular tank defect leaked resin into printer

Howdy forum,

I had my Form 2 resin tank fail spectacularly, the plastic window had popped off the bottom and leaked resin into my printer. The (glue?) which held the tank together seems to have dissolved, and I lost most of my tough resin, as well as the AR coating on my printer’s window glass.

I assume it was some sort of chemical action, as, the tank and printer had not been mechanically abused before this happened.

Is it possible for me to at the very least, purchase a new AR coated glass window for the printer? It does not look like standard part, but I am no stranger to repairing complicated things.


Was that Formlabs own tough resin? How old was the tank - had it had much use?

Very strange failure I must say.
Have you cleaned the glass with IPA by “flooding” it lately?

This happened to me FL told me not to keep resin in a tank for >30 days without removing it all.

Thanks for sharing the info with us!
I got a tank with flexible resin that sits there for more then 6 months. I’m just not using it. I will give it a closer look due to your share.

Yes, it was the formslabs’ “tough” resin. This tank never got an IPA wash, and wasn’t that old. The resin must have dissolved the glue!

After some time, the resin creeps between the PDMS and tank wall and slowly loosens the PDMS from the tank and then attacks the glue of the acrylic window. I’ve had it happen several times with resins I virtually never use.

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