Form 2 Resin Tank falls apart mid-printing

Form 2 purchased in Dec 2016, did not get much use of it during 2017, just some small prints here and there. Have not even finished the first resin cartridge.

Yesterday I was curious enough to go back to the office after hours to see how the 6-hour print goes and found leaked resin along the base of the tank and the build platform was empty. I immediately stop the print and removed the tank and found the entire bottom acrylic fell off and the resin seeps under the silicone layer, which was not glued to anything whatsoever.

Formlabs should recall this tank. If I didn’t happen to go back to office, our printer will be gone. Be careful guys!


the tank is over a year old…
How did you store it?
What kind of temperatures was it subjected to?

Keep in mind that tanks are considered ‘consumables’ and expected to be replaced rather often ( after only 2 liters of resin for the amber tanks ) Did you store it with resin in it?

I am well aware that the tanks are consumable that print quality degrades and eventually fails to print. However leaking should never ever happen, especially if you take a look at my picture where they bottom acrylic falls off and the silicone layer just free floats. IF the tank is designed to FALL APART and leaks resin, Formlabs should put a warning says: TANK MAY FALL APART AND LEAK RESIN UNEXPECTEDLY.

Tank is stored inside a cabinet with normal room temperature and no light. We swap between this tank and another tank with different resin for different stuff so it was never left there for long.

not meant as a critique- I’ve only had my Form2 for a few months- I just noticed that they recommend NOT leaving resin in the tank for more than 6 months, and am trying to determine what the expected life is for a tank that is seldom run, but that I store the resin in to avoid having to pour the contents back into the cartridge.

so- thanks for the info…

I know that older tanks tend to have the rubber delaminate from the window… or the window to delaminate from the tank rim at the corners- But I have never seen one like this yet.

We have had two tanks leak now, and i just noticed the orange polycarbanat cover has cracks on every corner. This printer is less then a year old. I see they have a new heavy duty resin tank. Oviously this is a known problem.

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