Separated bottom - Resin Tank

Not sure if someone posted anything like this before.

Since yesterday all my prints started to fail (had 0 failures before) so after 2 days of failures - luckily for me I decided to inspect the resin tank. Got a quite surprise - when I lifted it - the bottom part separated. … I was lucky enough nothing leaked out into the printer or glass - but check your tanks. Anyone seen something like that before?


Yes, I’ve seen quite a few tanks that have failed in this way. My understanding is this happens when the tanks have been stored for prolonged periods with resin in them. Some resins seem to be more aggressive than others in this respect. Consequently I don’t leave resin in tanks for more than a few weeks.

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I’ve been using this one only with standard grey - but yeah it’s been while since I used it. Thanks for that - I’ll make sure none of the tanks I have will have resin in them for more than few days going forward. Cheers!

Yes, I had several tanks fail and make a big mess of my work area. We print every 2-3 days, so dumping resin between prints is not realistic. I’m really happy that the tanks decided to leak when not in the printer…