Resin tank leaked into printer... again

Hello Forum,

Once again I had a resin tank leak, previously with tough resin, and now with the black resin.

I’d like to replace the glass window on my printer since the resin has damaged the AR coating. I see this is not a part listed on the web store, but is there anyone at formlabs who can send me one anyway?

I’d also be curious to acquire some resin tanks that have not been glued yet, so I can try out some different, hopefully more chemically-resistant epoxies, and we can solve this problem once and for all.

I’ve been using Araldite 2022 Methacrylate Adhesive for bonding new acrylic into some tanks that I inherited where the window had dropped out of the frame. I’ve not had any fail as yet but I’ve got into the habit of not storing the tanks with resin in them for more than a few weeks. There are similar products available such as Plexus MA300 & MA310 that might be better than the 2022 but I’ve not tried them yet.

I hope this helps.

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