Resin tank failure

I had a resin tank that had the acrylic window fall out while on a shelf. Form is doing all the right things, but I have to say it boggles my mind that the acrylic is inset from the bottom instead of the top. If they set it in the top then a adhesive failure would be a slow leak and gravity would try to stop the leak by holding acrylic against the tank. In the bottom a failure is an utter disaster. Window just fell out and pdms sagged through the hole. I am so lucky it did not occur on the printer itself. I gave the suggestion to the person who responded to my email so hopefully they give it serious consideration. Gives another reason to not leave resin in a tank, but it could happen at any time which is scary in my opinion.

There is a good reason why the acrylic is attached from the back: material tolerances.

Acrylic has -depending on manufacturer- a 10% permissible thickness variation. If they would glue the window inside the tank and the acrylic would be 10% thicker, then the PDMS will end up higher in the tray. If it’s thinner, the height will be lower. This has an effect on the first printing layers, required build platform height, etc.

Thanks for the reasoning that does make sense. Of course they could change the PDMS deposition to make up for that, but it would complicate production. I still think the risk of a failure such as I experienced on the printer indicates a change to design might be worth it. Maybe they should consider a different window material that is more uniform and then put it in from the top. If it makes the tanks expensive they could do a swap where you return the old tank for a core charge like automotive parts, or regular printers that recycle the cartridges.

You can get acrylic sheet to much tighter tolerances than that.

It costs, of course…

They could just use glass as well. It isn’t that expensive and is robust enough. I mean they did send a new tank, but the resin that poured all over shelf is not cheap, and the risk the the machine is quite high. It just seems like an easy fix. Maybe that will be a form 3 feature :slight_smile:

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