Issues with Grey V3 in Form 2

Hi all.

Been noticing issues with my 2 in and v3 grey. At first I didn’t really think much of them but over the past couple of months (Feb) they’ve started to compound.

First issue is that tray is wearing. Very quickly. On my first tank/tray combo I was about 1/3 into it when I had a failed print (which was odd in of itself) and I noticed our favorite little cloudy rings. I thought maybe it had to do with the failed job. I normally rotate my jobs around the tray, so I just ignored the area with spots and kept going and things were…ok. I was getting weird artifacts like I’ve seen some other people complain about but nothing some sand paper cant fix. I figured it was the worn area and couldn’t justify ordering a $60 tray for something easily fixed.

I then had 3 other jobs fail, which I though was odd, and thought maybe the turret I was printing was too heavy or something like that (it’s only 17 grams w/o supports) as the turrets just fell off the supports. Reorintated it a bit and it printed just fine. Figured the 10 degree change was the fix.

Yesterday, go to print a job for a client (a ~6" tall 70ml obelisk design) and about four hours in of a 24 hour job the base of the obelisk fell off and into the tank. I actually snapped a pic for it in preform for the patron to see so I’ve attached that here.

Cleaned it up and noticed spots. I’m about 40ml of jobs into this tray. 4 jobs (counting the one that failed yesterday), Due to the length this is the first job that would have overlapped any of the three previous jobs.
The part that fell off weight less then 10 grams (its washing right now so I’ll have an exact here soon) but the support structure was still firmly attached to the build platform (see below).
Preform .11, and the Feb 2017 firmware.
Supports at .8 density and .5 diameter thickness.

I’m currently printing the exact same job in clear, just changed the material settings and we’ll see how it goes. Oddly, it’s also a 4 hour shorter print, which is kind of interesting.

I always clean the tray and filter the resin after every fail with the filter cones (mine are actually smaller than the 190 they recommend, but at the time they were quicker to get.
Mirror is clean, followed the support article for that, used my cell phone light to make sure there were no streaks or anything (and prayed that I wouldn’t drop my 6s+ onto the mirror…)

That’s all I use, Grey V3 in my Form 2. I’m still using the original resin tray and on the second liter of resin. Haven’t had any issues with the tray clouding. Any failures have been my issues not the machine. Possibly you have a poor tray?

I do have one issue with the tray that really bugs me and that’s every time I start a new job it says the tray isn’t there. I have to keep unlocking and re-locking it in place maybe six times before it show it there. I’ve had two resin splashes doing this so I’m not a happy camper about that. Did say something to FL but more or less got a “too bad” response on it.

Both trays have been brand new.

Re-printed the job in Clear v2, used the same preform file, just changed the material setting to clear.
Printed beautifully.

Can you try using the default support settings to see if that keeps the obelisk from falling off of the supports? Grey V3 is slightly more brittle than some of the other standard resins and will be more impacted by changes in support structure diameter and density. Each of our materials do cloud at slightly different ranks, but Grey V3 should be relatively similar to the other standard resins. Tank heat maps in Dashboard should help with part distribution :slight_smile:

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