3L V2 Tray Issues

Hey All-

I just wanted to share a very recent experience I’ve had with the V2 Trays for the 3L/3BL’s. I have three machines running and in the course of 2 weeks, we’ve burned through seven trays which failed either on their first run or with less 50% life on them. We run T2000 which is known to shorten tray life, but I can definitely tell you, and confirmed by Form Service that we’ve received a bad batch of V2 trays.

Service has been good about immediately replacing them and providing resin due to damaged prints, which I’m truly grateful for. This is more of a notice to the community to keep an eye out for bad trays and contact service immediately and they will replace the trays (and maybe kick in a liter or two of resin).

We had major teething issues with the V1 trays and we’ve been working through a stock of V2 trays when this started to happen. Mostly layer separation but generally the random failure of having a huge vee shape carved into our prints. On a counter point, I currently have one V2 tray with almost 400 hours on it using T2000 and still running strong!!! We know the V2’s are good, but there are still a few bad eggs in the batch.

I had major issues with the V1 trays and I’ve received replacements of V2 trays too…
Like you, FL replacing some V1 resin tanks and providing resin due to damaged prints. Thanks!
Right now, I am trying a brand new V2 Tray with Tough 2000. I will let you know after this print.
Some few bad of V1 and V2… I still have the error of 10000+ hours with the V2 Tanks…
Thank you for follow up! :grinning:

If that error happens where you have a million hours, then FL will replace it. I’ve called them out on that they were good with a replacement.

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