Many print failures using White 3

Since we received the new white 3 we have been experiencing many print failures (over 60% of prints fail)
As we received the white 3 having still some white 2 in stock, we used a brand new tank and, printing the same files with the same orientation used with White 2, and result is often similar to this

or this

we tried to rebuild the support with the default density and point size (1.00 and 0.7mm) obtaining always the same result.
Part of the build remains stick on the bottom of the resin tank and the print is just partially done.

Although we got over 50% of production lost, we kept working and tried to use another brad new tank.
Situation seemed to be a bit better for a while, then we are now back as before, after just 1 lt of resin used.
it seems that change from 2 to 3 of white resin was to worst ionstead of better. Anyone who can help?

Make sure, that the window pane below the tank is perfectly clean. This may help a bit, but the new formulas of the V3 resins are the real problem.

This isn’t an error I’d expect to see regardless of material and your part looks to be very well oriented. Thanks for doing a bit of troubleshooting by attempting this with different tanks and materials. Our support team is going to be best suited to help troubleshoot further and one of our members will be in touch with you over email.

We have the same issue here with white V3. Halfway, parts broke in pieces while printing, dropping in the tank below. Now our machine is completely filled with white V3 resin(the printer happily continued printing). Already got instructions how to clean it. I hope we can recover from this… But it’s scary that this happens to so many users since V3 came out.

if this is a common issue, why don’t they simply go back to V2? Never had problems with this, since we got V3, we lost over 50% of the prints.

Yikes, I’ve encountered a few overfills (entirely by my doing…) and I’m hoping this proves easy to clean for you. It’s important to note that the forums aren’t necessarily a representative sample and our support team closely tracks all of the issues associated with a given material, update, etc. That said, Black and White v3 seem to be causing a disproportionate number of users issue and this is something we’re actively working to correct.

@justprint3d The new materials do provide improved surface finish and feature resolution as compared to earlier versions. We’re confident that print success can be improved with updates to the material settings and are actively working on updates to get print success up to both our and our user’s expectations.

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