Rough surface and lines on prints - grey resin

Hi everybody,

I have a Form 2, and when I printed two big models, I got lines and rough surfaces. On this model are few lines, but the roughness is stronger:

On the second model (it is bigger) there is more lines, especially on the top of them, and faint roughness:

The orientation of the two models are different:

There are “bubbles” on the bottom of the models:

I have the newest Preform, and the newest firmware on the printer. I use grey resin V4, this is my second cartridge (the first was gray V3). I use standard resin tank.

I think it is very low quality, my previous prints was mutch better.

Has anybody idea? I read many topics, but I didn’t find the answer.

Thanks in advance!

Have a look at the glass window on the printer, the one the resin tank sits on; you will have to remove the resin tank (orange one!) from the machine. Check to see if there is any dirt, smears, oil, etc on the glass; any contamination there will scatter the laser light and roughen up the surface of the build parts. It might be dirt elsewhere of course, but several folks have had dirty windows…

Can’t be dirt on the window, lower layers are just fine.
The dirt would have to magically show up mid-print to do this.

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Not the only one, I have same problems, very rough lines, but have appeared just lately, still on V3, but on FW/SW package from JAN18.
I have installed the newest and also V4 with new tray and hope this dissapears, unless Im going to revert to oldest fw possible.

This looks like it might be an optical issue, and our support team is going to be best suited to help out. A member of our team will be reaching out to you over email to help with troubleshooting.

Thank you, I am waiting for the reply, I have deadlines in this week for prints.

And a new problem:

Yesterday I bought a new resin tank (standard). I tried to change, but the old tank is stuck in the printer … I can not remove it, no in the center, no in the left side and no in the right side. There is resin in the old tank, but it did not come out of this (not splashed or spilled out).

Hmm, I’ve encountered a few tanks that require a bit of extra force to remove, but it’s never proven too challenging. Is it possible that the wiper arm is preventing you from removing the tank? That needs to be moved away from its default edge, otherwise it collides with the tank while you’re trying to remove it.

It came out!

I tried about 50 times, and last succeeded. I used a “special technic” and carefully big force. I took two hands the tank on the back, all the two sides. And I pulled it with so carefully, but strong, while I pressed with my hands to the printer’s cover. And it freed. I had to be careful, because the resin can spill from the tank!

Thereafter I connected the new tank, and I got the “missing resin tank” message. I found similar topics in the forum, and there it was written, “you have to press strongly”. And it worked, the tank snapped into it’s place.

Now, I print a big heavy model, and I will see the result, the quality. New tank, new grey V4 resin. I hope, the lines and roughness don’t come back.

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