Print Surface Problem- EVERY Print

Hello 3D printing community! I am at my wits end with this printer. Every print that we’re running now has this rough, chewy texture all over it, and I just cannot figure it out.

We have tried the following:

1.) Cleaned the glass under the resin tray very carefully

2.) Swapped out the resin tray for a completely new one

3.) Tested the Z-axis height offset adjust both + and - in small increments all the way to +2mm and -2mm

4.) Changed model orientation more times than I’d like to count

Nothing is working and I cannot get any resolution through Formlabs. I included some images of a couple prints for review. Keep in mind that both of these models were created with a 100% smooth surface- no surface texture at all was designed into the models.

Sorry to see that you are having those problems, can you look at the resin cartridge to see how old is the resin?

The few times that I’ve had these types of problems, I tested everything too and it turned out to be old resin.

This is actually a brand new cartridge. Regardless of the resin we use we get these results. Super frustrating :\

Keep pressing Formlabs, I would have guessed z axis. But this may go deeper into actual laser movement / power.

Have a look at the mirror.
I’ll have the same surface issues when the mirror is dusty.

If the mirror is dusty, keep in touch with the formlabs support to open the printer and clean the mirror.

The Form2 has a closed optical path, there shouldn’t be any dust inside

Unless it’s in a vacuum, there is always possibility for dust to get in. I bet that a few small specs of dust in the right place can cause issues, it’s definitely worth investigating.

@Zachary_Brackin This must be an urban legend. Today, I cleaned my dusty mirror for the second time in two months…

It’s possible, but highly unlikely given the testing they’ve done:

I just checked and the internal mirror is just COVERED in dust. How can this happen if the internal systems are supposed to be secure? Do I have to get permission to open the printer, or are there listed steps on how to access and clean the mirror?

As I said, contact the support, they’ll help you.

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It’s possible that it got dust inside during assembly, but you should contact support to get instructions on how to open and clean the inside. Good news is that cleaning the large mirror isn’t difficult, and hopefully after cleaning it it will not so easily get dusty after closing it up again.

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