Form2 print issue

I have started to see an issue with the very start of my prints the surface looks like it is melted all square edges now are rounded off and have the look like plastic that has been to close to a heat source. changed resin tanks and resin type same issue. I checked the glass under the tank it was clean no dust( we have the complete form2 system in a white glove clean room too) any ideas?

Are you building directly on the build platform or is it on a raft with supports?


with supports ,I haven’t tried building right off the platform.

If you do print right on the platform you will definitely have compression on the first few layers which will make the z-height inaccurate. I would stay with the supports and the raft. Do you have any pictures of what is happening you could post? Also if you could post the .form file for the part you are printing I’m sure someone here can help you get squared away.


Can you upload some pictures of the error you’re seeing? That would be a big help in working to troubleshoot this.

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If anyone here could help @Frew would be your best bet!!!


I wish I could but we do proto type work for the big three and can’t post either on line. I’ll try to print a random part of a web site and see if it does the same thing. will post asap.

Did you check the bottom of your tank to see if there is a smudge or anything on the bottom. That would make the prints not as clean as they should be. I was start with that then check the optical glass. If that is good there might be something on one of the mirrors.


new tank cleaned the window haven’t looked in to how to clean the mirrors. we just got this printer in sept.

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