Z Height, Mirror, and Detailed Operation

Hey everyone!

I just purchased my first form 2 and have some questions. First, is there a detailed paper out there that describes everything going on during a print (ex. Whats happening on the first layer to increase the time? What sensors are being checked throughout the print and how do they measure? How is the resin left in the cartridge or tray sensed?)

Second, There are some large dust particles on the mirror directly below the resin window. I would like to clean them and prevent it from happening again. any suggestions?

Third, The first 20 layers or so (.05mm layer height) squish the resin tray down about 1.5mm. Is this normal or should I try adjusting my z offset?

Fourth, WiFi is constantly disconnecting and I have to manually re-connect. I have updated the firmware and power cycled a few times. Anyone have a fix?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

I should also note that the first few prints came out flawless :slight_smile:

Hey @CohenMechanical!

My name is Dan and I’m the community manager here at Formlabs! I’d be happy to pass some knowledge along about your new Form 2!

First: No huge detailed paper as such, but I can fill in some gaps. The first couple of layers take a little longer because the laser is making multiple passes in order to ensure the print sticks to the build platform.

Throughout the print, you’ll also notice the printer cause for a couple seconds with the part out of the resin. This is due to the printer detecting how much resin is in the tank, and whether it needs to dispense more resin or whether it can wait until the next periodic check.

Second: If you’re seeing a few dust particles but you haven’t noticed any issues with your final printed products, there’s not much to worry about, that being said, if you’re concerned and want to wipe those particles off, please feel free to contact our support team at the link below and they’d be happy to send you some cleaning instructions.


Third: Totally normal, as mentioned above, the printer is doing additional passes and pressing down a little more on those early layers to ensure a good strong connection between the build platform and the freshly cured resin.

Fourth: I would contact our support team at the link I provided so they can investigate this problem a little more closely for you. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask if you have additional questions! I’m so glad to hear you like your new printer so far!

Thank you for the info!

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