Inconsistent print quality issues with Form2

Hey all!

Just popping in here to see if anyone has experience issues similar to what’s going on with my Form2, as I’m kind of at the end of my rope with support. About 6 weeks ago, I started having issues with my Form2, where on prints I was seeing voids and hollow regions where the parts were supposed to be solid. I’ve used this printer to print tabletop minis in Tough for a little over a year, and haven’t had issues until recently.

I’m noticing the following almost constantly now, and can only print in the center of my build-plate:

  1. Voids on surfaces. These seem to happen randomly on the surface of prints, with files I’ve printed before with no issue. Some parts will print fine, some will have voids on a leg or base, whereas others will have it on the head or jaw (all on the same print run)

  2. Hollows with full outer shell. This is the weirdest one for me - I’ll have the outer “skin” of the part print totally fine but it’s entirely hollow in sections, and it’s not that way in Preform. Again this happens on some parts, but not others, and the same model will print fine sometimes, but hollow others.

  3. Ridges along the outer surfaces. On some parts I’ll have a raised ridge where the part should be flat, and it’s not from previously cured resin in the build tank. This just started happening with a brand new tank, on top of the hollow and void issues.

Link to some pics here

I’ve been talking with support for the last month and feel like I’m just getting the run around at this point. Based on feedback from them, I’ve tried:

  • Cleaning the galvos (twice)
  • Cleaning both sides of the optical window (wet and dry)
  • Cleaning the main mirror
  • New resin tank
  • New resin batch
  • Firmware and Preform updates
  • Multiple optics tests

I’m no closer to a solution, and have just been constantly told do this and we’ll determine a solution after that. I get this is possibly a weird issue, but it’s been 4 weeks and I’m no closer to a resolution. Instead of getting better, it’s gotten worse, and I’m just really frustrated in how all of this has been handled. Has anyone had similar issues in the past?

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That could be the laser power dropping, would you say you do a lot of printing?

Yeah, the machine runs almost constantly. I’m suspicious of laser power, but according to support it looks totally fine.

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