Print quality issues

I am having some issue with my Form2 print quality.I noticed the prints lately have not been as crisp as usual-the surface detail seems a bit soft.I cleaned the optical windows per the instructions on the forum and that helped a bit, but the issue is now worsening.I ran the opitcal pritn test with the 4 pillars and the central piece.The central piece looked pretty good, but the pillars did not pritn well.I could see numbers 1 and 2, but 3,4 and 5 were difficult to see and the surface was very pock marked. I also printed a large flat piece and there is a texture on part of the surface.Of course I a need to start a large print run .I could sand down the parts that I am printing, but I worry the issue may be a sign of something seriously wrong with the printer.It is almost 2 years old now so I guess it is out of warranty.I did submit a ticket for tech support.Just wondering if any forum members have an idea what could be wrong.

In my limited experience I would say that the most likely cause is dirty galvo mirrors. Contact support and they’ll send you instructions on how to clean them.

Looks similar to an issue we had with our Form2 after about 3 months - we ran some diagnosis under FormLabs support direction and sent them the logs - they determined it was degradation in the laser. FL were great, and swapped the printer for a new one under warranty/ProPlan. New printer great so far.

thanks guys

I will post once Formlabs has a diagnosis


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