Form 2 inconsistent unintentional voids / hollow sections of prints


I’m having an issue very similar to what @armstrongc93 describes here: Inconsistent print quality issues with Form2

Basically I am getting voids in what should be solid prints. Thin outer edges of the print are printed but sections of the interior that should be solid are completely empty, leading to a failed print. This seems to occur sporadiacally and it doesn’t depend on the geometry of the print file because sometimes the same files will print successfully. I’m not sure if it tends to occur more in a particular part of the build volume.

Here are some photos of the issue:

I have been using clear resin V4. I don’t know if the issue occurs with other resins, I haven’t tried. I haven’t tried all the standard troubleshooting steps yet, so apologies if this post is considered to be premature - I just wanted to check if others (besides @armstrongc93 ) have noticed this issue and know of the cause.

I have filtered the resin, checked the clarity of the bottom of the tank (LT) and checked for any obvious debris or smudges on the optical window. I have also updated to the latest version of preform.

Does anyone have ideas about what might be causing this?

Updated the firmware and swapped out for a fresh LT tank and fresh resin cartridge (clear). Still experiencing the issue. :frowning:

Still having major reliability issues. I have repaired all STLs and scrolled through the layers to make sure there are not unintentional voids in the design - that is not the issue. Designs are essentially tiles with some surface texture. They print just fine on an Elegoo Mars 3, so I don’t think it is an issue with the part design.

Form2s that are still in service now were probably made well over a year ago (closer to two maybe). So any that haven’t been taken apart and cleaned are probably in need of that preventative maintenance task… And it looks like your printer’s optics need cleaning, to me… You can find instructions for doing that in the support section, I think.

Thanks @Randy_Cohen. Support suggested the same thing so we have gone in and cleaned the galvos and main mirror. Trying some new prints today, hopefully that will have done the trick.

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Good day Noah did that work for you. How tough did you find the cleaning process?