Resing overcuring issue

Hi everyone,

Long term Form 2 user here. My printer has been working fine until recently when I have had a sharp degradation of prints. I am using white V4 resin with the latest firmware and preform software, and my prints are coming out with excess resin “cured” over the surface which distorts the shape and occludes the detail. I have changed tank and resin cartridge, (cartridge expires in 2023) cleaned the optical window ( there was no dust or marks) and completed an optical test which failed.

Any suggestions? I have logged a support ticket with formlabs, but through I’d try here too.
Has anyone else had this issue and managed to resolve it?
One of my characters against an older successful print

the optical test

Your printer’s optics need to be cleaned. Not overcuring. The laser is being diffused by hazing on the surface of the mirrors (which happens over time, just like the windows in your house get dirty on the inside over time), so the laser spot is bigger than it’s supposed to be, and blurry instead of sharp, so your prints come out blurry as well…

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Thanks! I’ve been going through the forums after this post and came to the same conclusion. I’ll give them a clean and see if that fixes it.

Hi @marmalademonkey,

Apologies for the late reply, but if you haven’t already opened a ticket with our Support Team, they will be the best resource to get you a resolution!

Hi @Corey_M thanks! I worked it out myself. It was dirty mirrors, so we pulled the machine apart and cleaned everything It’s running perfectly now.

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Hi Tanya,

I am glad to hear that you were able to get everything sorted out. Take care!