Surface issues after printing half a liter (new printer)


I got my Form2 a week ago and printed around half a liter of grey resin so far. Below you will see a picture of a part from the first print and a part from something like the 5th print. The surface shows some really bad marks. I already checked the resin tank for cured material but couldnt find any. I poored it through a tea filter.

Do you know what I can do to avoid this?

I get a resin sensor error before every print but after recalibration the print it self runs smoothly.

Are you printing the same file over and over? (same location on the tank?)

It is the same part but on different locations.

Today I disassembled the resin tank and found a foggy area on the glas panel underneath. It looks like something made a mark
and then someone tried to whipe it off. But it is still there.
It is only on the left side of the glass plate.

Exactly the same as mine. Easy to remove the glass and clean, ask Support for the instructions. You’ll need gloves and 99% IPA.

It shouldn’t really be necessary though, either smeggy assembly in the factory, or something inside the machine is spraying an oil mist all over the place, perhaps?

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