Bad surface result in printed part

Greetings to everyone. In the last few days, my Form 2 has begun to print models with bad results. The surface is extremely corrugated and not smooth as it should be.
I’ve tested with different resins and the problem always comes up.
I have to say that I had previously attempted to print directly to the floor without supports (a cube).
From that process, the problems appeared with any model.

The piece dimensions are not wrong.
I cleaned the glass under the tank as suggested in the support section, some improvement but not enough.

Has anyone had this specific experience and can suggest some solutions?

Thank you

Is your resin clean on the resin tray? Have you tried to filter it?

Hi, ClaudioPin. Thank you for reply.
yes,i tried to filter the resin, but also change resin type and relative tank (i tried clear resin, black and grey). Clean the window (i know it is particularly delicate). It could be some dirty resin or tray, but in this case i think i shouldn’t have the same results with different resins.

I would contact support, usually that type of issue would be due to dust on mirrors, but since it’s difficult for dust to get inside it might not be that

Thank you,
i know I could contact support, but the strange thing is that everything happened after a precise work when printing was done directly on build plate…previously everything was fine, after that every print failed.

during those prints, tank hasn’t been removed, So I was thinking that it couldn’t be dust problems on window or inside, but some meccanical issue… may be?

This isn’t something we see often and it’s tricky to troubleshoot on the forums. Our support team is going to be best suited to help out with this and one of our members will be in touch with you over email.

Hi, Thank You for your reply. I will check the support team.

Hi, all. thanks to support, we solve the problem. Caused by dirty window.
Thank You all for suggestions

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