HELP! BAD PRINT, Form2 - bumpy surface, missing parts, steppings

Hi all,

Recently I test printed some of my works with my Form2 and got bad prints.
I did my own test prints and Optic Tests with Formlabs support team but had no good result so far. Please help me out if you guys had same problems as mine. This is such a frustrating moment…

Thank you so much


  • rough surface
  • obvious lines on surface
  • subtle lines on surface
  • bumps (small dots) on surface
  • no details which is indents of original geometry
  • blurry boundary


  • 3 times(#1, #2, #3) of my own test prints, all failed
  • 2 times(#4, #5) of Optic Tests along with formlabs support team, all failed


  • clean, dustless optical window and main mirror(confirmed by formlabs support team)
  • galvanometers(small inside mirrors) are cleaned once. But may not be super clean yet
  • using LT tank which works very well with another Form2
  • using new clear resin V4
  • printer firmware 1.19.12
  • using preform 3.0.1
  • I did factory reset the printer after test print #2


You’re going to need to continue working with support, it’s something either with continuing dust problems or something else and they’re the only ones that can help.

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I’d second the recommendation to continue working with support. While the procedure for cleaning galvanometer mirrors is easy to follow, it can be difficult to get it right, and/or to see whether the cleaning has been effective without putting the printer back together and trying another Optical test print.

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