Surface issues that I cant troubleshoot + Flexible Resin issues

Hi all!

Been running two Form 2 printers for a while now… one for 1 year roughly and one for 3-4 months.

I started to see some diagonal streaks on one of the printers running Standard Grey Resin, see attached pictures.
I finally switched the tank for a new one, and the old one looked pretty milky tbh.

Printed the same part again, but the streaks are still there?
The model looks fine to me, any ideas? (printed at 0.025mm)

And this is the print I just picked out after change of tank…The diagonal lines are even worse now…
And I do see this diagonal lines on other parts printed, so it shouldnt be an issue with the STL

Second question! Some Flexible Resin arrived yesterday! Loaded up a new tank, loaded the cartridge and printed a simple test model… it totally failed :frowning: Only a pile of cured resin on the bottom of the tank. Any tips for printing Flexible? I pretty much used the default settings in PreForm.

Best Regards Patrik

Printed a 20x5x10mm block, it printed just fine, so what can I do to print this part better? change the rotation?

I hope, you will find the answer in this thread:

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Oh yes, that makes sense! I will take a look!

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