[Form 2] Black V4 quality issues

Fellow Form 2 users,

Please see below. Lately I am having some layer issues with the Form 2 with Black V4 resin on 0,05 mm layers. It seems like the layers won’t stick perfectly together resulting in faulty prints. The tank + cartridge is new and the build platform is cleaned before the print. Also the glass had a dry wipe which didn’t show anything strange. What else could cause this? With other colors/materials I’m not having this issues, grey prints fine for example.

Any idea?

Kind regards,

Hello Joost,

i would suggest to tilt your parts more. Problem is that the resin can’t flow away fast enough so some excess will stay on the part oriented to the print platform.
Every resin has different flow properties.
It is worth to give it a try.


Hi Frida,

Thanks for your reply. I have a few identical pieces that I will try with a bit more tilt, more towards the 30 - 45 degrees range. Last time also that was a little troublesome… Keep you posted!


You need to angle the part like 45 degrees, if the part is closely aligned with the build platform then it ends up with large layers with unsupported areas and then they get damaged when it moves the print up to print the next layer.
If you angle it, it starts at a smaller point and that can allow for each layer to be only slightly bigger than the last which avoids the layer falling apart.

Hi Zachary (& Frida),

Thanks for you troubleshooting, although I don’t think that’s the case here… See below.

On this first picture you can see that even between the parts it has a sort of cured layer, while the parts were clearly seperated in Preform, how is that possible? The parts look descent though, so that isn’t the problem.

This on the other side is another story;

I upped the support to 1.05 and the point size was 0.8 mm, clearly that didn’t help. What could cause this? Clean platform, new tank + cartridge. Could it be the ambient temperature, somebody has experience with that? The Form 2 is enclosed.

Looking forward.

Hello @JoostvWillegen

Thanks for taking the time to post!

Everyone here has had perfectly good advice regarding the issues you’re seeing, but this looks to me like there’s contamination somewhere along the optical path that’s causing less than the full amount of laser power to reach the resin.

Not seeing issues with other resins is actually fairly typical in situations like this, because Black resin requires the most energy input to print correctly. This means that if there are any issues they’ll appear in Black resin first before showing up elsewhere.

At this point I would highly recommend getting in touch with our support team at the link below and we’d be more than happy to help you get your print quality back up to where it should be as efficiently as possible!

I also am having problems with the Black V4.

Similar problems to yours on parts that printed fine until the last software/firmware update. Now the parts are obviously lower in detail and have warping/bending.

Changed to new black cartridge, tray and even changed the IPA in the Formwash, same rough results…

Printing same parts in clear are perfect.

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