Poorer print quality on one side and layer problems


I have just replaced my Black V4 with a new cartridge and cleaned out the resin tank. Ever since, my print quality has dropped significantly. We have had a problem where one side of the print has a

lower quality for a while but now it is really bad. Furthermore, there is a new problem of terrace like features appearing in the part. Does anybody know what might be causing this and how do I fix it. If it helps, I’ve been cleaning everything as best I can with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.


Hi @Kp135,

Thanks for reaching out - I’m sorry to hear about the declining print results you’ve been seeing. A good place to start would be Cleaning the Glass Optical Window using 90%+ IPA (99% would be ideal). If issues persist, I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team for more in-depth guidance.

Hello Jesse,

I was doing some more looking, and I found a support article that said I should not be using IPA on the optical surfaces of the resin tank (which I was). So, I’m going to pick up some NOVUS No. 1 and see if that fixes it. I’ll upgrade to a higher %IPA for everything else as well.


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