Printing Quality Problems


My printer has suddenly started to print very bad quality prints (see before and after with the same file).

I have tried with two NEW cartridges, a NEW tank, cleaning the transparent surfaces, updating the formware, updating PreForm,… but nothing solves it.

I have noticed that, after printing, the remaining resin in the tank has a lot of “cured dots”, while the remaining resin in the tank is perfect. It is so hard the difference that the resin coming from the tank cannot be filtered while the coming from the cartridge is easily passing through the filter (take a look to the filter).

After some time printing, you can notice the dots at tank bottom when wipping:

I have tried with two different resin cartridges having the same result. The fabrication date is 20181212AH.

Could anyone help me to solve the problem?

Thanks and best regards,


Probably dust on the galvo mirrors. Best to contact support and ask for the manual to clean the optic window and all the mirrors.

Thanks for your fast answer. I already contacted support team, but no answer yet. Does anyone have the manual for cleaning optical surfaces?

It is very urgent for me to get it working again.

Kind Regards!

Hi there,
We have a same problem! At second print we’ve got a deffect at all surfaces!
Model is imported from Solid at STL format, layer thicknes min - 0.025, ordinary resin tank (new, second print), cartridge FLDMBE02. And look at a result! I wrote to Technical Support and included photos.

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