Bad print quality after returning from holiday

Hi Guys,

Just got back from a vacation of 4 weeks and I’m running into serious printing issues that I’ve never experienced before. The layers are really bubbly and there is a lot of partly cured resin on top. I will try to upload some photos as this will explain everything. At first it was with standard White Resin V3 that I have for while now so I thought it was the material that is expired or something. But then I exchanged to black and the same or even worse results happened. See pictures below.

When I look into the resin tank of the black material there’s a lot of small blobs of semi-cured resin or something like that. I did not see this when I opened the black or white Resin Tanks before printing. I always store my resin tanks with lid in the original cardboard box inside a steel cabinet so daylight cannot be an issue. The only thing I did for my vacation is that I placed the cleaning kit (with some IPA left in it) in the steelcabinet as wel. The lids and the tray where on the kit and there was some weight on top to keep te buckets closed. So I don’t think this can be the an issue but what do you guys think? Can it be a printer related issue?

This is “normal” with Black, it’s the pigments setting at the bottom of the tank. When I was still using Black I had to spend at least 30min stirring the resin in the tank to get a decent homogeneity unless I was using the resin at least every couple of days in which case 5 min was enough. I can’t even imagine the amount of settling that is going on in the cartridges, and I also did spend a long time before each print thoroughly shaking the cartridges.
Due to this issue and maybe others I have had a very bad time with this resin and have since switched to Grey when I need a Standard resin part, which I will paint in black when needed.

This also happens with the White resin to a somewhat lesser extent.

One diagnostic tool for you would be to print with Grey or Clear, and see if the results are similar, in which case I’d contact support to troubleshoot the printer.