Bad print!

So I got new resin tank LT after 1 liter of white resin (I put new one but I guess 100-200ml was in resin tank already old one) print quality drop, I can see lines on some parts although I printed same model with everything same day before. I tried to scrap a resin tank next print (same model ) came better but it still have same problem. I would write this on other thread but that thread was closed like we already said too soon because there was no solution to this? First two prints on new resin tank LT was perfect but then It started to show small layers cured on built plate where they shouldn’t be, during these couple prints models were fine tho, but now models start having problems??? I was afraid of this and it happen to me, I cleared optical window month ago.

Your optics need cleaning. Have you had a resin spill?

:frowning: Looks like everything that you are afraid in life it happens to you… Yes i had one drop on optic almost year ago (april), I cleaned it with ipa and microfiber and everything was fine till couple days ago. This optics cleaning inside is it difficult, can I f… up something? Does laser after that cleaning self adjust ?

it looks like to me your tray is overused or dirty optical or mirror but who knows.
maybe check your resin expiration date also.

try this:

get new tray (not LT)
get new resin (standard black)
clean optical window
clean large mirror inside
get the test sample file from formlabs

do a test print and see the result. those test prints are optimized to see what is wrong with your printer,
such as dirt, calibration, lowering laser power, etc…
(use black standard resin, that one is failing sooner then any other resins)

Assuming optics are clean enough (they’d have to be very smudgy for this kind of effect), the likely culprit is the tank. I don’t have experience with LT tanks, but this is a common symptom of a regular PDMS tank nearing its end of life (due to clouding and/or delaminating).

so lifetime of LT is too short for its money? I had used liter and a half with this tank…? I am thinking to clean optics inside but this problem could be tank…

No, it shouldn’t be that short, the old tanks were at least 2 liters.
More like - a bad tank.

But do clean the optics too if you can, just to eliminate all the variables.

-75 € :slight_smile: bought new orange tank, put same model on print if it fail, tomorrow I will clean optics, if I f… up optics, there goes my business.

so on brand new orange tank it got even worse, total failure! I got to clean it inside :sweat_smile::cold_sweat:

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