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Form 3 printing problem


Goodmorning everyone,
I have a printing problem with the Form 3 and black resin v4, Resin Tank V2.1 and new resin cartridge,
practically on the flat surfaces where the supports are placed an effect is created like an orange peel and the edges are not sharp but rounded, I tried to print with different orientations and both at 50 and 100 microns but the result is always disappointing, someone can help me?
thank you


Hi, same problem with wax40 and with High Temp resin. I follow


Hi, I contacted the assistance of the official distributor in Italy and he advised me to try to print the flat surfaces by tilting them at 45 °, it works partially but does not solve the problem, maybe a firmware update could be the solution or I also thought it could be a problem with the LPU :grimacing:


Hello there!

The advice your reseller provided is what I would recommend as well. It’s worth keeping in mind that Formlabs machines work at their best when parts have a 45 degree lean in at least one axis, but hopefully in two. Basically the idea is that if you were printing a cube, you’d want to print off of one corner rather than an edge or side.

I’m happy to go into more detail as to why that’s the case if you’d like!

Other things you can check to make sure you’re getting peak results are the age of your resin, and the clarity and cleanliness of the optical surfaces within your printer! :slight_smile:


thanks for the reply, I would be really happy if you can help me to investigate and solve the problem,
the resin arrived in these days from an official formlabs dealer and the images posted are its first print, even the tray v2.1 arrived new with resin, externally I just cleaned the optical window and it has no marks or dust,
the printer is from 2019, could the laser have run out of time?
another doubt gave me the impression that inside the optical window was slightly opaque but I’m not sure and I don’t know how to check it better than looking with the LED light as recommended.


Hey there!

Thanks so much for the information! Given all these variables the best way to get back up and printing at 100% is to reach out to our support team and they’d be more than happy to dig in with you!

We typically try to avoid full troubleshooting on the Forums because things can change in a way that makes the permanence of a thread a little tricky, and we like to track issues more specifically tied to the printer. If you email them at the link above you should receive a response within 1 business day and we’ll get you going!


Could it be a problem with the media the printer uses to print? If the printer itself is working correctly, then there may be a problem with consumables.


Now I am doing other tests, I am using the standard black resin v4, the cartridge is new, I checked the expiration and it arrives if I remember correctly 2025, in fact the other parts are printed perfectly, maybe I have removed too many supports but preform tells me that the setting is correct and I do not see red alarm signs on the object to be printed