Print fault

Is this type of error dirty galvo ?

My first question would be “What is this yellow material?” Do you get these results if you use Formlabs materials?

Yes its not an original OEM resin, but its the same for all resins and all prints. Im fairly sure its optic related but wanted a second opinion. The printer has printed this material fine on lots of occasions.

Seems like a mirror cleaning would be a good idea. Sometimes it’s just a spot of dust that can be blown away. Also to try different part orientation. Do you have a photo of a “good” part?

Only an Eiffel tower, in white and it was fine. It just suddenly started to do it one day. I do have a problem with dust in my maker space. Im not a tramp but I only clean my space when I can’t walk from one side to the other without hurting myself - lol.

Before i rip it open and clean - anyone else have an opinion on what it might or might not be ?

Before you rip it open try taking a blower bulb and just blowing off the dust on the main mirror and the galvo mirrors. You can do this through the big opening under the tray, so you don’t have to take anything apart.

I would recommend getting in contact with our support team before doing any cleaning. It’s also difficult to discern what type of failure you are experiencing from the photo. Can you post the original file so we can take a look?


Its the ultimaker robot. On closer inspection all the mirrors are dirty. The main, the galvos and the angled one that is just below them.

The print seems to shear off at 45 degrees on every print. Yet I can still see the laser tracing the part. Its late here so I will take another look at it in the morning.

Very strange for dirty optics to cause a clean 45 degree shear. I would urge you to contact our support team so they can troubleshoot.

As a heads up, they will ask you to work with Formlabs resin so we can rule that out as a factor.


@3D_Motor_Maker, Can you post up a picture or two of that 45 degree face with another side for reference.

I would break out the FL resin and maybe a new vat and give that a try as well as opening up a support ticket.

@Jory Looking at the large image, I do think it is a clean 45. It looks like a picture of that top surface will show more of the story.

Hi, I am re-coating my tank with PDMS, and have cleaned the optics, so provided the tank is good I will have another go. In the mean time here are two more photos from different angles. Excuse the quality I don’t have a real camera.

For clarity I want to say that its fixed. Was indeed an optic problem. I don’t know which one because I cleaned them all. I am happy to reports all is good once more.

Excellent, glad to hear everything is working again!

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