Possible laser flare?

So I been getting sum bad prints for a week now. I did contact formlabs support on this problem that I’m having with my machine.

it’s failing with all resins. it not the tray or the resins. I think it might be the laser.

Here’s some pictures of what i’m getting. and it does this for other’s parts not just this one.

I did clean the mirrors the galvo and small and big mirrors. They are definitely clean.

But here’s the thing. The supports on the peel side look better then the Hinge side? This is how every part looks it’s not clouding on the tray.

And there is one other thing is the tray holder post to be like this. In the video

Here’s the link to the pictures and the video


This is not a failed print. I stopped it mid print.

all the help would be great

Issues like these can be tricky to diagnose and our support team is going to be best suited to go through troubleshooting steps with you. The laser spot test isn’t a useful troubleshooting step so it’s not something we use much, but ruling out the laser flare issue is certainly something we’ll look into. Is the resin expired by chance? Expired resin can lead to issues like you’re seeing and it might be worth attempting prints with a different cartridge and tank to see how they differ.

It doesn’t take much dust on the smaller mirrors to make a difference, if that’s your laser then it could still be dust on a mirror.

I’ll check all the mirrors for dust. Again!

I already got with support. About the resin they said that it’s not the tray or the resin.

It’s either the laser or the galvo

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