Troubles with model adhering to build platform

Hello all,

So I’m on my second day with my Form 1 and have gotten pretty good results, but I having trouble with the model not adhering to the build platform.  I seem to be able to get it to stick when the model is close to the back of the printer (near the power/USB ports), but when the model is near the middle or close to the front (power button side) it seems to be really hit and miss and mostly miss. I looks like the front of the build platform (button side) may be higher off the tray than the back.

Anyone running into this?  Any way to correct it?

Sounds like an issue to submit a support ticket.  Not one of the usual problems.

I did submit a ticket about the issue, but I’m going to try building up layers of paper under the front of the resin tray to see if I can correct the issue myself.  It may just be the silicone layer is just slightly off or the build platform.  Not that big of a deal since I can still print well on the back part.  Just part of helping them refine their product.

If I adjust for it or Formlabs tells me a way to correct it, I’ll post the solution here so others will know.

I’m assuming that issues like this is why they don’t want us do re-coat our own damaged resin tanks with PDMS.

@Monger Designs

I would figure the same thing.  This is my solution and it works fine now.

I figure the PDMS layer or build platform is just a little off.  I’m going to play around with it a little more to see what’s up, but I’m sure it will get resolved once I figure out what’s actually causing it.

I’m currently experiencing the same problem and I have tried moving the model around the build platform, but without success. My most recent attempt was with a single layer of paper (0.1mm) underneath each corner of the resin tray. This print also showed no signs of adhering, before I continue to add more layers of paper and waste more resin, how many layers were required to get your models to adhere to the build platform?

Hello Alex,

I continued to have issues with my printer (and some new issues came up) so they ended up just replacing it for me.  The new one prints significantly better and I haven’t had an issue with models adhering to the build platform at all regard less of size or location.

I would definitely recommend putting in a support ticket with Formlabs.