First Timer Questions

Hi all I’m totally new to 3D printing and the form 1 is my first 3D printer. I’m having an issue getting the models to adhere to the tray. I am trying to start out with some smaller prints but not having any luck getting anything to adhere. The total number of layers I’m printing is 513. This is such as stupid question but how am I supposed to use the bar on the right side in the software?

I also noticed that only the right side of the resin tray seems to dip when it moves down - I don’t know if this is normal. Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance for any help.

Hi, Only the right side dips down is the normal process, A layer is created then the tank drops on the one side in order to “peel” that layer from the resin tank. It should then (hopefully) stick to either the build platform or the previously printed layer.

The slider bar in the software doesn’t actually do anything it just allows you to see each layer for the purpose of helping you orient the model better.

As for not adhering to the build platform I’m not sure what is going on there and you may want to contact Formlabs support by opening a support ticket.

Did you attempt to print the built in butterfly print?

Hope this helps, Vince

Thanks for the help. I did’t try the first test print. Is there a way to bring it back up and try it again?

Well I’m not sure where or how to call it back up, but I wonder if you would want to share a form file from something you’ve attempted to print and I can tell you if I notice any issues with it, or a picture of your results/finished prints? Or are you not getting anything at all?

It says the form file is too large to upload. When the print finished there was nothing there. I didn’t seem to adhere to the platform at all.

Is there another way I can send it or share it?

You should check the resin tank for hardened glob stuck on it by carefully using the scrapper, but be careful not to puncture or scratch it! There is a tutorial on here somewhere about after a failed print. But if there is a glob hardenned on the PDMS layer then nothing else will print and you have to remove it without damaging the PDMS layer! If you want you can try emailing the form file to me but it sounds like you have some other issue.

makeitbe (at) mythingin3d (dot) be

Also make sure that you removed the clear sticker on the bottom of the resin tank, just slide it straight out then peel off the sticker. If you havent already. But do not get fingerprints on the bottom!!! or anything else!

There was definitely some stuff in the bottom of the tank - got it all cleaned out. I’ll give it another try

Hope that works! What about the sticker?

So how’d it go?

Great suggestions Vince! We also have an article on tank cleaning here:

Also, if you are looking for a test print file, you can use the one attached here. This is a five butterfly assembly we use for troubleshooting. As always, you can shoot us a message directly at if you have any questions.

Hope this helps!