Almost nothing adheres to the platform

Hi All,

First up - thank you to everyone who posts such detailed instructions and feedback on here. I have already used many of the tips on here to great effect.

Also - I have thoroughly searched the forums for help on this specific topic but I have not found an exact match so for that reason I am starting a new thread.

Basically my problem is almost zero adhesion to the build platform. To date I have ran almost 15 prints with about 3 successes where there was adhesion. All of these prints have been using clear resin with varying layer heights.

I have opened a ticket with FL support and they are doing their best, but the response time is a little slow so I thought I may be able to get further advice here.

Here is a list of symptoms to date:

  • No builds at 0.025mm adhere
  • Only one of many prints at 0.05mm adhere
  • As suggested by FL I have moved my build platform closer to the tank using the Fine Tuning tool. I did this in increments with no improvement. I am now at the full 1mm setting.
  • Melinda at FL sent me a test file (butterflies) which all printed perfectly at 0.1mm but did not adhere at all at the other settings.
  • Next up Melinda asked me to check the tightness of the platform, this was completed with no effect on adhesion.

I am trying not to get frustrated, and I fully understand that learning how to use these machines takes time, but it is getting to the point where it is very rare that I get anything stuck to the platform.

Any advice would be a massive help. It seems to me that even with the -1mm fine tuning the platform is still not getting close enough to the tank/laser.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Sorry you are having so many issues with your printer. If we cannot get your Form 1+ working remotely…we are happy to bring it back to our HQ for evaluation and repair if necessary.

Melinda will take good care of you!

I’m having similar problems with my 1+ Airprinting. My first machine stopped working so I sent it in for upgrade. I received another machine back but have only had 7 / 26 prints come out successful. I am interested in where to learn about model preparation. 3 liters of resin and 5 tanks later, I still don’t even have the basics down. I would like to take a class, and learn from the employees how to succeed w form1.

CourtlandtGross - We have done webinars in the past with great success and we are exploring the possibility of doing more “training” webinars in the future so keep an eye out for announcements.

We do have instructional materials available on our website here:

Orientation and proper part design are very important to achieving success on the Form 1+. Also, our support team is available if you have questions about a specific part you are trying to print!

Ian, your problem is excatly the same what I have with my Form1 printer and clear resin. Did you or anybody else found a solution for the 0.025, 0.05 clear resin problem? KR Dieter

I’m trying to print this object today, and I’ve run 3 attempts with no adherence to the build platform. My fine tuning settings are set to 1 mm lower, and still no models are sticking. Even with a fresh resin tank and new thoroughly mixed resin, i’m not having any success.

I just got my Form1+ and the first print I tried failed because nothing stuck to the build platform. It seemed that Preform constructed a big enough raft, so I don’t think it was an issue with the model. This was the same platform that had been working previously, so I’m wondering what the problem could be. Is there some way to clean or coat it so as to improve adhesion? Is it possible that the new printer isn’t lowering all the way to the bottom of the tank? Is there anything else that would account for this?

Andrew Werby

I have occasionally had this problem with 0.1 mm layers. Most of the part sticks, but some corner of it droops off until it doesn’t stick. Usually, I clean the large mirror, and wipe the build platform with a paper towel that has been moistened with IPA, then let it dry for a few minutes – and my next print usually is OK – but I now suspect that cold resin may be a contributing factor. Just a thought – for me it doesn’t happen enough to separate the variables, but the resin is most likely to be cold at the beginning of a print, especially if the room is colder at night and everything inside it has not warmed up as fast as the air. The fact that most of the part adheres but some of it does not would seem to be something other than build platform height.

I hadn’t considered the temperature issue. My printer’s in the basement, and it’s not exactly toasty down there this time of year - in the mid 50s. Could that be causing my resin not to set properly or adhere to the platform? It seems to be setting okay against the PMDS…

Hi Andrew,

The operating temperature for the resin is 65 F to ( – I forgot the upper limit). You are well below that. Try moving your operation to a warmer place. Lots of resins need warmth. Everything needs to be warm (machine and resin).


Hey Andrew,

Cold temperatures could be the cause of your print woes. Our recommended operating range is 64–82° F (18–28° C, from our Tech Specs page). If you can, relocate the printer to a warmer part of your house and try printing again.

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I am having same problem - very frustrating. My form1 worked fine and I have yet to make a print with the upgraded 1+

i have new resin tank, resin, spotless mirror. machine is straight out of box … all prints end up looking like the below when tested at 0.1mm and butterfly clip object. i have fine tuned closer at 0.1,0.3,0.5,0.8 and no help.

below is typical. it looks like something is adhering to the build platform but there is also material stuck to the silicon tank.

I took the advice I was given and moved the printer upstairs, where it’s warmer. I also lowered the build platform .5mm. I was able to get a partial print, and there’s still a problem with the part peeling off the build platform. It seems to like printing the supports better than printing the part itself.

Hello to All,

I received my FL+1 last week, after 2 fails attempts (grey ; new tank), I have change for a new tank + black resin
Below what I was expecting and what I got. Most of the print had fallen into resein when the print was finish and went up. I wish I could understand why I had such problem (mostly nothing sticks or cures)
Any help will be greatly appreciated :smile:

Hi @Aurel_Leaux,

I would say that you definitely need to orientate your print so that it’s standing up at about 45 degrees.

This is basically what you have done -

This is how I would suggest orientating your part -

I hope that helps