Prints don't stick to build platform. Again

Sorry for the second thread with same issue. Here are all I have done:

  • Replace a brand new Grey Resin cartridge
  • Replace new Resin Tank
  • Clean Optical windows over and over again (with dry and wet pec, IPA too)
  • Clean the Build Platform with stainless steel and IPA
  • Tunning the Z axis to -0.5mm

And The prints are still not stick to the build platform (especialy on the center of the build platform like those images here). I’m so tired of cleaning these mesh after a lot of failed print, take me a lot of time but still din’t help.
Could anyone give me some suggestion? I forgot to mention that the machine is still under guarantee time bur I Can’t return the machine to US because the shipping fee is too damn high in my country.

Here is the optics test, please don’t mind the small scratch and missing “number1” that caused by damage when I remove them from the build platform.

I could be wrong here but, as far as I know the silicon layer is curving upwards (convex) and maybe since the platform is too close (-0.5mm) the central area has almost no resin to cure in the first few compressed layers which causes problems as the printing keeps going.

Maybe you should try printing some samples in the center(only) for testing and try increasing the Z-height since it might be too close.

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Thank you for the reply, I’ve tried print only one model in the center of the build volume, but it still not stick. Now I will increase the Z-height to see if that help.

I would also check the flatness of the build platform.

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Yes I will check that. But if the build platform isn’t flat, should I buy a new one?

You could ask Formlabs for a replacement part if they gave you a defective platform. Just open a support ticket and they should handle it from there.

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Well I’ve just adjust the Z-axis height to +0.05, check again the build platform and scratch it with sand paper, clean it, then check the flatness of build platform on the very flat mirror, then test print again and still didn’t help. I’m testing only one model place at the center.

I’ve already open a support ticket, meantime I will try to do much as I can.

Have you ever tried the optics test with any other resin?

Hey David, I don’t have any other resin to test with. Today I’ve tried a brand new build platform and still didn’t help. The print is still stick at the bottom of the resin tank. that’s really suck

Hello Numity,

Please do mention this to my colleagues in the ticket you have open. They will gladly help you find alternatives.

Formlabs Support

what grit of sand paper would be best to ruff up the platform

Good new: the problem has solved!
I’ve replace a brand new resin tank and even a new grey cartridge. The machine works fine now.
The problem is the resin tank cause fail prints (which is the new one too, but maybe it has bad pdms layer at the center)
Thank you all!
Happy printing!

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