Newly Refurbished Form 2 - Build Plate Adhesion Issue

Formlabs sent me a newly refurbished unit that did not have the spring-loaded screws that hold the resin tray tightened. This kept giving me a “sensor error” I tightened it down a bit, and this error went away. Ridiculous Formlabs, cmon!

My next issue is no adhesion to the build plate. New tank, new tray, virtually new machine. The resin cures to the bottom of the resin tank and refuses to stick to the build plate. Does anyone know what I should try? I fine-tuned the Z .01 and then .02, and still nothing.

Hi innovtr,

Thank you for your feedback about the tightened screws - we apologize for your out-of-the-box experience and understand your frustrations as you should not be experiencing these issues like this. I will make sure to pass this feedback so we can do better in the future.

In terms of the non-adhesion you are experiencing, it does sound like you are already attempting to incrementally correct non-adherence via our fine tuning page, but I wanted to double check on that front if you were not referring to that article.

If the issue has been persisting, the best way to check is to pass along the form file you are trying and follow up in a support case, either in one you may have already created (last we spoke, I suggested you create the case with the screws issue), or a separate case about this issue for a solution.

Thank you for your understanding with us, we want to make everything right for you to the best of our ability.

I sent a video earlier in our convo with the knocking sound, have you been able to determine what that is there may be something else not tightened down. Serious when this involves thousands of dollars you can’t expect people to remain nice and calm when they are just blown off and told to spend more thousands for something in the forums that shows even more issues. There is a Saturn S here just powering away with no issues.

Hi @innovtr,

Thank you for reaching back out about this. I’m sorry to hear about the poor experience you’ve had so far with your Form 2 printers. I fully acknowledge that you should expect to receive a working product right out of the box, and it seems that we fell short in this case.

Regarding the video of the knocking sound you mentioned, I’m assuming you shared this video through an active support case. If that is the case, the agent you are working with will be able to narrow down the cause of the noise. I believe working through this with Support will lead to the swiftest resolution. Thank you for your patience given the circumstances.