Brand New Form 2 | Resin Sensor Reported Error

Good day. I see a lot of closed posts on this topic, so I’m looking for a conclusion. I acquired a brand new Form 2 in the wrapping to compliment my other Form 2, so I am no stranger to the numerous issues that can occur. After a few perfect prints, I’m now getting a sensor error. I proceeded to “reseat” the tank pushing in the right side first. This worked after a couple of tries and a reboot. After 2 hours of a print, this error occurred again. I was able to get it to work after several times reseating the tray. The print is most likely ruined since it will have a line from being out of the resin too long. What is the actual cause of this issue? It is a brand-new machine, a new v4 resin, and a virtually new tank. Could it be the tank? Is there a better fix? Thanks, all my Form 2 peeps.

Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 13.01.58

Hi innovtr,

I’ve seen some instances where positioning the tank in different ways (which is why reseating works sometimes) can resolve the issue. Sometimes the printer believes the tank is in a different area, or it could be the tank itself.

I would create a support case with our support team and provide the serial name and logs to get a detailed diagnosis of what is going on with that area and if there’s any extra steps that can be provided.

Indeed, the problem has been reported many times, but a conclusive solution has never been given. I also regularly have this error. Not during printing, but just before when I have started the print job. I can usually solve it by sliding the tank 1 or 2 mm forward and then pushing it back into place. But this does not seem to be a real solution to the problem. Formlabs support does not offer a solution either.

In this case Formlabs sent a newly refurbished unit that did not have the spring-loaded screws that hold the resin tray tightened. Ridiculous. I would try tightening these screws a bit. My next issue is no adhesion to the build plate so I now move on to that. Wow, I’m always disgusted about how I got fleeced out of $15,000+ by this company, and SLA printers that can do this same job better cost $400. SMH